21 September 2020

With, at the microphone of DLM NEWS: Alexia Gorin, Sales Director of EduFactory, a company created in 2003. At the same time, we also received its CEO, Alexandre Lect, who spoke to us about their little baby; EDTAKE The marketplace dedicated to edtech.

Edufactory, customized digital learning

Edufactory is a global player in digital learning, providing companies with advice and support in digitalization and acculturation. It also offers hosting solutions that distribute the content created for its clients.

Edufactory is involved with many customers in this investment both in terms of human and financial resources. But the company also accompanies them to capitalize and industrialize customized training. A real challenge.

Industrializing tailor-made training courses

Edufactory’s objective is to stay as close as possible to the learners, while providing customized content throughout the year and in certain quantities. In order to do this, they must anticipate with their clients and thus enable a more lasting relationship.

In parallel with the creation of content, Edufactory advises its customers, from SMEs to large companies or CAC40 multinationals. For example, the company places pedagogical engineers and other experts with clients. This management part orchestrates the projects within the client companies.

As far as content creation is concerned, Edufactory innovates by taking inspiration from video games to go further than the classic e-learning we were talking about a few years ago. Their objective in integrating much more developed software: to create a “wow effect” among learners during their training course.

Edufactory’s 2020 outlook

Edufactory wants to open up even more to all kinds of very different customers. To keep this proximity and this capacity to easily immerse itself in its customers, whether they are public or private. But also whatever the subjects, whether they are technical, behavioral or regulatory. This exciting company likes to respond to these types of specific challenges.

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