Learning technologie 2020

EDUFACTORY aims at the industrialization of customized training!

Frédérick Bénichou, VP of Edtech France talks about digital transformation

Andréa tells us about SPEEXX, the intelligent platform for language learning

Interview with Alexandre Lect – EDTAKE The marketplace dedicated to edtech

Flash Talk with Adeline Virlogeux – ENI

Are you ready for the 2019 edition of Learning Technologies France?

Learning technologie 2019

The meeting is transformed with Loïc Thomas from BEEKAST!

Entrepreneurship according to Luc Piaton – HAPPEE LEARNING & Lazare Ake – MAX SENS INNOVATIONS

Julien tells us about Beedeez, Mobile Learning platform for your community of learners

Kumullus, the interactive video creation tool that has won over KENZO Parfums

Interview with Elodie Primo of MOS-Mind On Site – Learning Technologies 2018

Interview with Alexandre Lect of Edufactory – Learning Technologies 2018

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