06 October 2021 - Camille Besnier

DLM NEWS welcomed Adrien GIRALDO – Business Unit Leader for Gamelearn – to its RDV RH program in partnership with BFM Business. As the leader of Serious Game in the training sector, Gamelearn offers a game-based learning platform in companies, the most awarded in the world.

DLM NEWS: Introduce us to Gamelearn…
Adrien GIRALDO: Founded in 2007 in Spain, Gamelearn has been in existence for over 15 years. Initially specialized in face-to-face training, our company took the digital turn by developing a very innovative format based on Serious Games. Today, Gamelearn has become an international company with offices in France and Mexico, among others, which allows us to deploy our solutions all over the world.

DLM NEWS: Who is Gamelearn aimed at?
Adrien GIRALDO: Our solutions are aimed at HR managers, training managers and training directors of both CAC40 companies and medium and small companies.

DLM NEWS: Personal development, corporate development… what types of resources do you offer?
Adrien GIRALDO: Gamelearn offers training video games for your customers or employees, called simulators. They are available on computers in order to make online training dynamic and easy for everyone.

DLM NEWS: What is the strength of Gamelearn’s solutions?
Adrien GIRALDO: Our first strength is gamification. That is to say, making a training course fun, engaging and attractive, a course that normally the learner would not have taken by himself. And the second differentiating pillar is game-based learning. This means learning more or learning better thanks to mechanisms such as simulation, feedback, role-playing, etc. We have taken the best of the classroom environment and combined it with an engaging and fun format that allows you to practice without leaving your computer.

DLM NEWS: Is your platform available on other media?
Adrien GIRALDO: As a training software publisher, we make our platform available via any device (computer, tablet, mobile). In addition, we offer support from a dedicated project manager who helps set up the project internally at the client’s site.

DLM NEWS: Does the Serious Game improve employability?
Adrien GIRALDO: Of course! Training helps retain and attract talent. Video games can help you motivate your employees and hone their skills, while giving them an unforgettable adventure.

DLM NEWS: What issues do you face today?
Adrien GIRALDO: Today, the technologies used are quite old. And while new technologies have been developed, the formats still offered in organizations have not followed the same evolution. Today, a technology is available, but unfortunately it is not yet used in the HR sector. This is the case with virtual reality, for example. Moreover, we know that by 2025, millennials (people born in the 90s who grew up with the internet) will occupy more than 75% of the jobs. So it’s a big challenge.

DLM NEWS: When can we discuss these topics with you?
Adrien GIRALDO: On October 14, we are hosting an annual event on “how to make training paths more dynamic”. You can register here. You will be able to listen live to prestigious professionals and experts who will inspire you with their ideas and experiences. They will talk about strategy, innovation and trends in corporate training. You’ll see that to take corporate training seriously, you have to play!