02 December 2019 -

Are you struggling to design an innovative training course, revisit it or write the specifications for a new one? Then maybe it’s time to test the Learning Battle Cards! DLM News explains how it works.

What are Learning Battle Cards?

Learning Battle Cards is a method and tools to integrate Design Thinking into all your training design projects. This training deck of cards will help develop your instructional design skills.

The three objectives of the Learning Battle Cards are to :

• create new and innovative training devices,
• energize existing training courses,
• better communicate on your projects.

The deck of cards consists of 108 cards with instructions for use. The French version is offered at the price of 99 € HT exclusively by the company LEARNING SALAD whose President is Sylvain VACARESSE, specialist in Digital Learning and speaker.

Specifically, each card provides information on a learning method or technique. The front of the card defines the method and presents a cloud of associated words. And the back contains information on the granularity, usefulness, specificity of the method. This can be traditional methods such as lectures, films, simulations, surveys, etc. Or it can be innovative methods such as micro-blogging, 360-degree evaluations, storytellings, wikis, social networks, etc. Card game participants can thus work with a greater variety of teaching methods and can expand their creativity.

Who are the Learning Battle Cards for?

This training card game is for design professionals who want to energize their design meetings and inspire their project team. But it is also aimed at freelance designers who want to use the cards for inspiration and produce more attractive training courses.

Let’s take the example of Hélène Meyer, project manager at the Pedagogy and Digital Pole of the Cnam Pays de la Loire. She used Learning Battle Cards in the context of a training course for trainers in digital tools. She wished to make their tools more integrated into pedagogical paths. This professional has made a variation of this card game using only one game. Then she asked the learners to imagine an educational activity integrating a digital tool, in connection with one of the cards.

How would you use the Learning Battle Cards?