24 December 2020 - Camille de DLM NEWS

Alexia Borg of DLM NEWS received on the set of Challenges, Lucas Ulmann & Samir Bouguermouh, founders of Capsul and Hello My Flat. Together, they will accompany you in your real estate investment projects thanks to their expertise of the local market in Reims and their network of professionals on site. And this, by offering you a disruptive real estate experience.

Explain us the concept of Hello My Flat – a real estate agency like no other…

Samir Bouguermouh : Hello My Flat is a local digital real estate agency. We are located at 73, rue Gambetta in Reims. We do virtual tours and 3D modeling of properties, which among other things allows us to save on travel expenses. But it is also an advantage for our customers. They can visit the properties from home. They then travel to the physical visit only if they like the property. Our agency fees are also reduced for our candidate buyers.

The virtual visit: a real decisive factor in purchasing?

Samir Bouguermouh : Yes, thanks to the virtual visit, candidates are better aware of the volume and space. They can even take exact measurements of each property.

As a future seller, who should you talk to?

Samir Bouguermouh: Just contact a Hello My Flat advisor. He will make a free estimate of your property within 48 hours. Then, we make you sign a mandate of sale or remote rental with an electronic signature. Finally, we also take care of carrying out all the diagnostics for the marketing of the property. This is a real saving of time, energy and money.

What does Capsul consist of?

agence immobilière

Lucas Ulmann: Capsul is there to meet a need of investors who today can feel a little neglected. They don’t necessarily have the time to give the whole investment side of things. Indeed, you have to find out; it takes time, energy and sometimes it requires contacts. Capsul is there to help them from A to Z, for example on taxation. We can help them so that they know more. Otherwise, others prefer to delegate everything to us. We can also take care of the accountant’s work.

Capsul and Hello My Flat: two complementary companies… what does this cooperation in the field look like?

Lucas Ulmann: Today, Capsul is really trying to find out what the customer needs and what investment he wants. Then both the owner and the tenant are accompanied from A to Z by Hello My Flat. For example with 3D visits. And / or if necessary, we make an appointment with the craftsmen of our network for any renovation work.

What is your area of intervention?

Lucas Ulmann: Today, we have the ambition to go further in our collaborations beyond Reims. We would like to respond to all requests throughout France.

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