14 December 2020 - Camille de DLM NEWS

Alexia Borg of DLM NEWS received on the set of Challenges, Nelly Meunier, CEO of Sunday – a solution for sharing photos and videos on TV. The Sunday Box connects to the television of a (grand)parent or a single person, to allow them to receive live, the content put online by their (grand)children or relatives from the free mobile application they have downloaded.

Nelly Meunier, what is the history of the Sunday box?

Sunday is above all a family story that started 5 years ago. We were three grandchildren scattered around the globe; with my sister in China, my brother in London and me in the United States. My grandmother was bedridden in an old people’s home. It was very difficult to communicate with her, because she did not have the social networks that we have. So we created a small box that we plugged behind her television. It allowed her to receive all our photos and videos instantly. It had become her favorite TV channel and we thought it was a great idea to reconnect the whole family, a solution to keep in touch.

So how do you stay in touch with your elders?

The Sunday box Family is a little box that you plug in behind your grandparents’ TV. And then there’s the heart-shaped Sunday remote control that works with a mobile application. Each member of the family installs the mobile application and can send photos and videos that the grandparents receive through the Sunday box. The heart on the remote control flashes to warn that a photo has arrived.

A nice gift to give at Christmas… Where can you find the Sunday box?

The Sunday box is available to all isolated people, not only our seniors. Today, you can subscribe to it on our website, but also from all the major French distributors (Boulanger, Darty, Fnac, etc.).

Has confinement been a booster for the Sunday box?

Yes, people have realized that social ties are essential. And that unfortunately, in certain situations of very strong isolation, there is a need to find a solution to keep in touch. This was the case with confinement, where the closure of the EPHAD created a real lack of social ties.

Sunday box: a solution against the isolation of any person

The idea is really to reconnect the whole family, from great-grandchildren to great-grandparents. Our wish is also to spread the installation of the Sunday box in children’s hospitals for example, wherever there are situations of disability that can create isolation. We wish to propagate this notion of love through all the members of a family and reconnect them together through one and the same network.

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