20 October 2021 - Camille Besnier

DLM NEWS welcomed on its program RDV RH in partnership with BFM Business; Dan GUEZ and Sebastien Canard – CEO and co-founders of OpenSourcing. A new generation recruitment company, specialized in sourcing and pre-selection of candidates.

DLM NEWS: What is sourcing?

Dan GUEZ: Sourcing refers to the entire strategy that we implement to identify candidates. More specifically on the Internet in this case, since OpenSourcing does digital sourcing. It is a strategic step in the recruitment process, because without “good sourcing”, there is no “good recruitment”. Moreover, with the explosion of digital tools, we have realized that sourcing has become a real expertise, a know-how and even a profession in its own right today.


DLM NEWS: What differentiates OpenSourcing from its competitors?

Dan GUEZ: Sourcing is our DNA. That’s why, since 2008, we’ve been developing this know-how in order to grow and develop our services based on this expertise: sourcing + pre-selection. We ensure that our clients set up the broadest possible sourcing system. Thus, we guarantee to bring a maximum of candidates and associate a pre-selection strategy (digital via algorithms, video or telephone).


DLM NEWS: What are your customers looking for?

Sébastien Canard: Our customers often have tools, but do not always have the expertise or time to use them. We work with them on one-off, recurring or volume requirements. We recruit for all types of sectors and all types of business, especially for large accounts or large SMEs. We will use the tools for them, in order to find the best candidates and make them available.


DLM NEWS: How do you ensure that you don’t miss out on good candidates?

Dan GUEZ: We implement various actions. For example, we use a lot of new digital tools, often from marketing. But we adapt them to recruitment. We will reach passive and active candidates thanks to algorithms or programmatic tools.


DLM NEWS: What sourcing tools do you use internally at OpenSourcing?

Dan GUEZ: We use the best sourcing tools on the market. This is what we call 360° sourcing. That is to say that we work on various search universes. Like job sites, meta-engines or corporate sites such as APEC or Pôle Emploi. Websites that are currently poorly exploited, mainly due to a lack of time.


DLM NEWS: Do you use social networks for sourcing?

Sébastien Canard: Yes, we use LinkedIn for example, with whom we have had a close partnership for several years. But also Instagram, Facebook and soon even TikTok. The idea is not to miss any crossroads of the Web audience.


DLM NEWS: What kind of talent do you reach on social networks?

Sébastien Canard: Mostly creative talent and a younger population. In fact, in 2008, we were one of the first recruiters to publish job ads on Facebook. We managed to attract people who were not necessarily on traditional job boards. Today, Facebook has even opened its own job board.


DLM NEWS: In concrete terms, what does OpenSourcing offer?

Sébastien Canard: First of all, we offer 360° sourcing, which is based on assisting our clients in their recruitments through sourcing and various digital tools. We also have the Open Success offer. This is a more traditional recruitment agency for middle management positions ranging from €40 to €100k. In 2021, we launched OpenTransition which is specialized in interim management. The idea with this new division is to accompany our clients on their strategic issues by providing them with highly qualified personnel to accompany them on ultra-strategic issues.


DLM NEWS: How do you source these strategic management executives?

Dan GUEZ: We rely on Linkedin, on the OpenWeb, it can also be people who have their own blog for example. We find them on Google or via Full Web searches.


DLM NEWS: Are your teams trained regularly?

Dan GUEZ: Yes, it’s essential. Our teams receive ongoing training and are self-taught through “peer-to-peer” training, thanks to the sharing of experience among colleagues. Moreover, every week we organize HR workshops where each person can present a customer problem and its resolution.


DLM NEWS: How do you see the future for OpenSourcing?

Sébastien Canard: After more than 10 years of existence, OpenSourcing is still growing. Like our clients, we need to recruit the best people. Then, we need to onboard them and train them throughout their career so that they perform well in the right position and that they can flourish. In parallel, we are of course thinking of developing other tools and divisions…