01 November 2021 - Camille de DLM NEWS

It is not always easy to find a company to do an internship or a work-study program. But it’s just as complicated to know which companies offer the best internship and work-study experience.

That’s why Speak & Act has created the “Best Trainee Experience – Happiness Barometer” to help guide students and candidates to the right company. Hundreds of companies have been evaluated by interns and alternates on their experience between September 2020 and September 2021. And this, through an anonymous questionnaire. This allowed Speak & Act to establish a ranking; the TOP 25 companies offering the best internship and work-study experience.

Speak & Act Best Trainee Experience – Happiness Barometer 2021

This questionnaire also revealed three findings about the internship/internship experience. They are as follows.

Speak & Act – Finding 1: Students are listening to companies concerned about CSR issues

To recruit the best candidates, recruiters must increasingly adapt and understand the aspirations of our young talent and graduates. This is the war for talent. Today, CSR issues have become a determining factor in the attractiveness of the “employer brand”, to the point of
to the point of becoming a key argument. Companies are aware of this and are devoting greater resources to it every year. And it shows. Indeed, 75% of respondents are satisfied with the social and environmental policy of their company. This represents an increase of 10 percentage points compared to the previous year. For example, at Monoprix, 91% of interns and work-study students are particularly satisfied with the CSR approach.

The “Best Trainee Experience – Happiness Barometer” label campaign recognizes our actions with our work-study students and interns and encourages us to go further. Both in terms of day-to-day experience and managerial support, but also in terms of CSR commitments, which we know are increasingly important in choosing a welcoming company. We are very proud to join the Top 25 Best Trainee Experience – Happiness Barometer 2021 by Speak & Act.” Amèle Codo, School and Work-Study Relations Manager at Monoprix.

Speak & Act – Finding 2: The candidate experience is an increasingly important issue

Due to the COVID-19 health crisis, companies had to completely digitalize their recruitment process and use social networks to enhance their employer brand. This continuous improvement of the recruitment process and consequently of the candidate experience is a strategic issue for all companies, especially in front of a “digital native” and increasingly demanding audience. As an example, Assystem has obtained an impressive satisfaction rate of 88% of interns and alternates concerning the quality of the recruitment process.

Assystem considers that their objective is “to give each young person the freedom and the means to express his potential, through operational missions and innovative projects. To achieve this, a good knowledge of the company is essential. The satisfaction of our interns and alternates with the onboarding process is a reward for the daily commitment of our teams, who make sure to set up courses that are both effective and exciting. Emmanuelle Capiez, SVP Human Resources Assystem.

Speak & Act – Finding 3: Onboarding of interns and alternates is necessary to turn them into future employees

If it is relatively easy to identify young talents via new technologies, nothing prevents employees from leaving the company if they have a different conception of the working world. This is why the priority of Human Resources is the integration of interns and work-study students as well as their retention. To do this, the entire HR department is called upon to contribute: managers and tutors are trained to welcome and train interns and alternates, depending on whether they are working in the office or at home. This is called onboarding. For example, there is a certain institutionalization of mentoring systems. In other words, from day one, the trainee/intern is taken in charge and introduced to the specifics of the company by a “buddy” who often turns out to be a young employee. This method is proving beneficial today, as 73% of participants say they recognize themselves in the company’s culture and values.

Are you interested in participating in the next labelling campaign for the year 2022? And have the opportunity to be listed among the companies offering the best internship/internship experience? Are you an HR or Communication Manager and would like to get your company involved? You just have to register on the following link: registration form.