08 June 2021 - Camille de DLM NEWS

Classement Best Candidate Experience 2021 2021 05 26

Speak & Act, an employer brand platform and school, has created the “Best Candidate Experience-Happiness Barometer” label.


Its objective: to label the companies offering the best candidate experience.


Indeed, recruiting is not easy enough in normal times, so when a pandemic caused by COVID-19 hits the global economy and the job market, the upheavals are numerous.


However, and fortunately, this health context has encouraged the development of new organizational practices and forced companies to become more agile.


These companies have had to completely rethink the candidate experience they offer throughout the recruitment process. It is this candidate experience that Speak & Act wanted to label.










Best Candidate Experience : The candidate experience at the heart of the HR strategy

The barometer shows that Human Resources departments have done particularly well during the health crisis. Candidate satisfaction with the entire recruitment process jumped from 68% to 76%, a gain of 8 percentage points. Their role in protecting and warning employees of the potential impacts of the crisis seems to have been taken to heart.

By opting for short processes, where each step brings added value to the candidate and with the acceleration of digitalization during the recruitment of Graduates Programs (case studies and testimonials in the form of interactive videos) Ronan Kervadec, Head of Employer Brand and School Relations for Coca-Cola European Partners, was rewarded with 90% of the candidates who were satisfied with the recruitment process.

Best Candidate Experience : A candidate – recruiter relationship preserved by digital technology

Companies have fully understood the importance of adapting faster and faster in order to attract the best talents, especially through their reputation. This is why HR managers are investing in social networks, channels that have become essential to recruitment, becoming the face, the spirit and the voice of their company. Despite the digitalization due to the health crisis, the link that one can create with his future employer has not been tainted. 79% of candidates were satisfied with the quality of the exchanges during the interview, which they consider just as easy or even better with digital.

Nicolas Récapet, Director of Organization and Human Resources of the Talan Group, was pleased to have been able to demonstrate their ability to adapt to an unprecedented context. Indeed, 89% of the candidates were satisfied with the quality of the exchanges during the interviews. The Talan Group chose to fully digitize their recruitment process, while taking care to give candidates confidence, in order to continue to transmit the Talan spirit from a distance.

Best Candidate Experience : The emergence of ambassador candidates

After “employee ambassadors”, Human Resources departments can now count on “candidate ambassadors”. Indeed, after a successful candidate experience, 74% of candidates would be ready to recommend the company to their direct entourage, compared to 65% the previous year.

To do this, Narjiss Beniouri, Employer Brand and School Relations Manager at FM Logistic, explains that they have chosen, for example, “to inform and keep the candidate informed of the progress of their application and to guarantee the transparency of the exchanges”. And to “give the candidate personalized feedback, whether positive or negative, and always keep the door open for future opportunities”.

About Speak & Act

Speak & Act had over 500 companies evaluated between September 2020 and March 2021 by candidates. They were evaluated on the experience offered to candidates, through an anonymous questionnaire allowing Speak & Act to establish an impartial, transparent and independent ranking.

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