08 July 2021 - Camille de DLM NEWS

The program RDV RH hosted by Alexia Borg of DLM NEWS received on the set of BFM Business; the Co-founder & President of The SEED Crew. The SEED Crew is a video game creation studio committed to improving the daily lives of everyone. Discover their audacious positioning between gaming and commitment through this exclusive broadcast.

DLM NEWS: What is the DNA of The SEED Crew?

Chabane HADJI: The SEED Crew is a video game studio committed to issues of gender, diversity and inclusion. We are working on solutions in a 3D universe that address these different topics in a simple, fun and accessible way. The genesis of The SEED Crew is based on a desire to bring positive values to companies and to respond to a societal need that is extremely strong today. It is about human relations in the workplace, which are more than topical in today’s business world.

DLM NEWS: Tell us about your first game “RecovR”…

Chabane HADJI: This first RecovR game was released in June 2021. It talks about sexism, racism, LGBT phobia, discrimination against people with disabilities, and ageism. It is intended for companies with solutions specifically created to talk about these topics. More effective than a classic training, this reinvented serious game allows to experiment sexism in companies and its consequences.

DLM NEWS : Do you work with specialists ?

Chabane HADJI: The SEED Crew works internally in R&D on humanities and social science topics. A researcher is in charge of our different projects. For example, we spent 3 years in R&D on discrimination issues. For the implementation of the game in companies, support is provided by partner consulting firms such as Opus Fabrica. They accompany the game experience in the classroom and in groups in companies.

DLM NEWS: How do you work on a committed subject?

Chabane HADJI: The first topic that The SEED Crew worked on was sexism. It was the most requested topic when we created the game. First, we work on the question of research, and the scientific aspect of the subject. Then we work on the current events by reading for example testimonies, situations, etc. This is what will allow us to build the game and the scenario.

DLM NEWS: Who is the main character of your game RecovR?

Chabane HADJI: This is Charly. She is a young woman who lives all these subjects in her daily life in a company. The learner will embody her throughout the game. She can be a witness, a victim or an author of sexism for example. The foundation of RecovR is to work on non-blaming, non-moralization. The SEED Crew provides an experience, not a set path.

DLM NEWS: What are the cases of your customers?

Chabane HADJI: RecovR is first based on long-term awareness through play. And secondly, we adapt according to the orientation of the inclusion policy of companies. The SEED Crew offers a dashboard that will help guide the choices to be made in terms of actions on sexism, for example. So we have two types of clients; some want to respond to an emergency. Other companies have a well-established CSR policy and want to go further in their approach.

DLM NEWS: How do employees feel about it?

Chabane HADJI: Most of the trained employees are not used to playing as part of their training. And they don’t know how to do it. But they quickly get into the game, identify with the main character, immerse themselves and react with smiles or frowns for example. This is a good sign!

DLM NEWS: What is the first feedback from customers?

Chabane HADJI: After a long test phase, we realized the importance of having a discussion phase at the end of the experiment. This allows us to share the experience. Also, the learners appreciate the fact that our game is not bottom-up. On the contrary, it is a “soft” and interactive game where awareness is created by oneself.

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